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20 Best CBD Pet Treats to Try in 2021

Pets are family, period. There is no way you can cut them off. This leaves you fully responsible for their health and wellbeing.

Pet anxiety is a growing concern among pet owners these days. When stressed and anxious pets start acting weird like humans under similar conditions. They may start making loud noises, ground themselves in a corner or a dark place, or move around frantically. Every pet shows specific signs and it’s on you to identify and act accordingly. 

Once you have identified the condition, the next step is to find an appropriate treatment. Among the different options available, CBD proves to be the most effective, convenient, and affordable.

To narrow it down a little more, here is a list of the 20 best CBD pet treats to try in 2021. 

1.    TropicCBD Pumpkin Treats For Dogs

If it’s your attention-seeking furry friend, these pumpkin treats by TropicCBD are all you need. Made with the highest-quality CBD and a blend of powerful botanicals, these treats are super effective against all sorts of dog-related anxiety and stress. When consumed, it interacts with the system almost instantly, ensuring immediate relaxation and calmness to the mind and body. This has also known to boost mood and sleep quality. It also reduces inflammation and thus improves overall health. 

Moreover, packed with fiber, calcium, iron, Related Link BEST HEMP PRODUCTS and magnesium, this dog treat improves metabolism and internal strength and protects from various diseases. Its delicious pumpkin flavor will help you a big time by exciting your dog for its next dosage. Thus, you do not have to stress over finding different ways to feed these to your dog. 

2.    Lazarus Naturals Salmon Calm + Mobility Dog Treats 

Let your pup live life to its fullest with Lazarus Naturals Salmon Calm + Mobility Dog Treats. Featuring an extremely thoughtful and 100% organic composition, these dog treats are a reliable yet effective way of escaping your dog from the dark, anxious world. 

These are composed of 5mg full spectrum CBD, omega 3 fatty acids (from Alaskan salmon oil and fish collagen), pumpkin, glucosamine, green-lipped mussels, coconut oil, turmeric extract, and curcuminoids. Each treat contains a balanced proportion of each ingredient to ensure equally effective results always. 

Such a composition grants excellent mobility while at the same time calming the mind and body to promote balance. Based on your dog’s needs and weight, you can get this product in two sizes – 4-count and 50-count. In either case, each treat contains 5 mg of CBD. Remember to not exceed 3 treats per day which is the company recommended dosage. 

3.    JustCBDJustPetsChicken Meatball Dog Treats 

JustPets chicken meatballs’ smell alone will drag your pet to a healthy lifestyle. The organic ingredients and natural flavor excite dogs to a whole new level, making it difficult for them to wait for their meal. For its amazing results, this product has been featured on various reputable online platforms, including Better, BM Magazine, and Delaware Business Time.

One meatball is enough to keep your pet stress-free and relaxed for a day. Since it is an excellent mood booster, it makes them livelier and happier. When given at night, it can also improve sleep quality which ultimately promotes better health.  

4.    Medterra Bacon Calming Soft Chews 300mg 

Made with an all-new formula, Medterra’s Bacon Calming Soft Chews offer unbeatable calmness and relaxation to all weeks and older dogs and cats. Intended for a particular age group, this product is highly meticulous and ensures effective results. 

It is composed of locally sourced natural ingredients including premium quality CBD, potato flour, hemp seed powder, chickpea flour, passionflower, chamomile extract, vitamin E, cane molasses, bacon flavor, ginger root extract, L-theanine, L-Tryptophan, and valerian root. The last three ingredients, not to mention, are the primary relaxers that guarantee quick and lasting effects. 

The bag contains 30 soft chews while each chew has 10mg of CBD, making a total of 300mg per bag. This allows easy dosage management. Plus, Medterra offers a 30-days money-back guarantee which further secures your purchase. 

5.    Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Calming Chews 75 mg 

Charlotte’s Web is among the most reliable CBD brands that offer exceptional results and great affordability. Made with the highest quality ingredients, these dog treats are sure to offer nothing but the best. They combine the relaxing power of chamomile extract, passionflower, valerian root, and CBD, which grants them unbeatable effectiveness. 

The chicken flavor is an added advantage to all pet owners. It grants the chews a mouth-watering taste that excites your dog for the next dosage. You can add a few of these to your pet’s regular food or give them as snacks. 

These chews not only calm the body but also relax the mind and ensure an emotional balance. You will also notice a considerable reduction in inflammation and improvement in sleep quality. 

6.    CbdMD Bacon Canine Hip+Joint Chews 150mg 

Gratify your dog’s hunger with these flavorful chews by cbdMD. Made with USA-grown hemp extract along with a super effective blend of organic compounds, including omega-3 fatty acids, manganese, coconut oil, MCT oil, oat flour, rice flour, rosemary extract, and flaxseeds, these pet treats are a reliable way to keep your pet healthy and growing. It promotes good overall health, speedy internal recovery, strength, and balance meanwhile kicking away all the stress and anxiety. It also reduces inflammation and prevents diseases. 

The pack contains 30 chews, each with 5 mg of CBD, making a total of 150mg per bag. You can also avail of other strengths – 300mg (10mg per chew) and 600 mg (20mg per chew).  

7.    Neurogan Inc. Full Spectrum Dog Treats

Serve your furry friends a memorable treat that they never forget. Neurogan’s peanut butter-flavored dog treats are unarguably the top-selling CBD product in the market. Made with the highest quality organic ingredients, it ensures the most wholesome flavor that keeps your pet hooked. 

Moreover, these are based on 7 primary ingredients including coconut oil, apple sauce, peanut butter, oat flour, full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, and water. Nothing else – no artificial flavors, no THC, no preservatives.  These treats are quite effective in boosting your pet’s physical and mental performance for overall wellness. It reduces anxiety and inflammation while granting better mobility and strength. Once tasted, these treats can also improve your dog’s response towards you. 

8.    SurityPro Multi CBD Pet Treats 

SurityPro multi is one of the industry leaders in CBD pet products with a range of scientifically backed and highly reliable products. its Smokey Bacon chews allow you to give your dog a healthy and well-balanced life. Featuring a scientifically proven formula that includes L-theanine, Boswellia serrata, and Krill oil, this product keeps the joints and muscles healthy and pain-free. by actively affecting your dog’s mental and physical performance, the CBD-infused treats ensure a balance in your pet’s life. the product comes in different strengths for different dog sizes that you must check before checking out.

9.    Martha Stewart Baked Mobility Dog Chews 

Martha Steward is the name of trust and reliability. With an extensive range of highly effective, affordable, and easily available products, this brand has an unbeatable position in the industry. Martha, the lady behind the brand, herself believes in quality over quantity, and in an effort to offer quality pet life she has gone the extra mile with her pet products. 

These baked dog chews are made up of USA-grown hemp extract, omega-3 fatty acids, beet pulp, rosemary extract, and natural flavoring. The natural chicken flavor allows you to give your dog a healthy life without compromising on taste. Moreover, these chews instantly relieve stress and work wonders in fighting anxiety to keep your dog calm and lively throughout the day. It also reduces inflammation and body pain that might go unnoticed during the day due to your busy and your dog’s hyper schedule, but it can get severe with time. Thus, prevent and control it before it even begins. 

10.    Creating Better Days Wildlife Premium Bacon Cheese Chews

Don’t want to tap on your dog’s allergies even mistakenly? Go with the safest option by Creating Better Days. This dog chews by the brand are one of the most reliable ways to treat stress and anxiety for all dog owners.

These are made with the highest quality ingredients sourced from local farmers and are completely free of all sorts of allergens including soy, wheat, corn, and any other artificial or chemical-based compounds. In fact, its ingredients list shows a perfectly balanced composition ensuring the right amounts of fats, proteins, and fiber for optimum strength and active metabolism. 

11.    OG Labs General Meows Mix Cat Treats 

With OG Lab’s General cat treats Give your ill-mannered, cheeky cat a burst of calmness and relaxation that might give them a moment to think before destroying your property, especially that soft couch you love to plop down on after a tiring day. 

These cat treats are composed of 100% organic components and are entirely free of THC, pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. Thus, rest assured you are only feeding your pet the best that improves the overall quality of life. Plus, they have an exciting taste that your cat will never want to miss. 

12.    Social Broad Spectrum Chicken Pet Tincture

Whether you like chicken or not, your pet definitely loves it. Perfecting the chicken flavor, Social knows its way to your pet’s heart. This enables it to calm your pet down, relaxing its mind and body while at the same time also fighting anxiety and inflammation. It also remedies body aches and prevents various diseases. 

The tincture comes in a 30 ml bottle with 750 mg of CBD (other strengths are also available) and a convenient dropper that allows easy dosage management. Mix a drop or two to your pet’s food and see the magic. 

13.    Oliver’s Harvest Peanut Butter Treats 

Oliver’s Harvest is always on the lookout for better ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Its Peanut Butter Treats are an easy way of calming your pets and making them behave well. Infused with premium quality CBD, these treats relieve stress and anxiety in minutes while also boosting your pet’s mood, physical and mental performance, and emotional balance.

This ultimately improves sleep quality and the overall quality of life. The company recommended dosage for a 25lb dog is one treat per day. Since the container has 30 treats, following the recommended dosage will make it last a month. 

13.    Veritas Farms full Spectrum Calming Chews 

Veritas Farms is among the most trusted CBD brands, especially for pet products. Apart from using the highest quality ingredients, the brand runs each batch through a meticulous testing procedure to ensure safety and quality. The reports of these tests are available online for your satisfaction

Packed with 10mg CBD, each of these treats is quite effective against stress and anxiety. They also have a significant impact on inflammation and sleep quality. Containing 60 chews this value pack is a must-have for all pet owners. 

15.    Holy Leaf Dog Treats 2.5mg 

Combining the power of various essential plant-based nutrients and CBD, Holy Leaf has been winning dog owners’ hearts for years. The brand maximizes its output through a synergy between CBD and its proprietary blend based on 5 seeds’ extracts that are loaded with fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants, and other essential compounds. Thereby, it offers an organic yet exceptionally powerful way of relieving your pet of any anxiety and stress while also contributing to its better health. 

16.    King Kalm Honey Oats Crunch 

Deviating a bit from the traditional chicken, meat, and fish flavors, King Kalm has brought to us the Honey Oats Crunch. It can bring a change to your pet’s eating schedule, thereby making it more enjoyable. Offering a perfect blend of proteins and fats while ensuring purity and flavor, this CBD pet treat is another exciting stress reliever that keeps the pet merrier and calmer throughout the day. The recommended dosage is one treat per day, but you can manage as per your requirements.

17.    Blue Moon Hemp Salmon and Sweet Potato Dog Treats 

Treat your pet with these bite-sized salmon flavored meals for good boy appreciation and silently take away all their anxiety, inflammation, and pain. These CBD-infused pet treats are packed with essential fats, proteins, and vitamins to give your dog the healthy boost it needs. These can be given as regular food or at specific times like before going to the vet or leaving the pet alone for a while. The salmon and sweet potato flavor is a plus as it automatically attracts your dog, saving you from struggling with feeding it. 

18.    CBDfx Stress and Anxiety Treats 

Targeted at relieving pet stress and anxiety, each of these treats is infused with 15 mg of CBD for quick and lasting results. The pouch contains 30 treats which take the total strength to 450 mg per pouch.

This product combines the calming power of CBD, chamomile, passionflower, valerian root, GABA, and L-Tryptophan, ensuring an exceptional outcome. These are quite effective for hyperactive dogs whose owners might find it difficult to spot body pain or other internal issues in their pets unless severe. With these treats, they can easily keep their pet in good shape and remedy all the issues on time. 

Not to forget, they are vegan, soy-free, and suitable for all ages and sizes of dogs. 

19.    Penelope’s Bloom Stress + Anxiety Treats

Penelope’s Bloom offers an all-natural and vegan formula to relieve your pet of stress and anxiety. Its treats are lab-tested for quality assurance and safety, thus rest assured you’ll only get the best results.  

The brand uses premium quality USA-grown CBD extract along with a powerful blend of stress relievers and health boosters. This uplifts your pet’s overall health and ultimately improves its mental and physical performance as well. The peace of mind these treats provide will keep your pet calm even in fireworks, thunderstorms, or other such stressful situations. One bag with 30 treats is enough for a month. 

20.    Kangaroo CBD Dog Treats BBQ Kabob

Kangaroo CBD stands among pets’ favorite choices. The brand always goes the extra mile to offer creative yet effective products. The BBQ Kabob dog treats are among the top-selling products by the brand. 

Containing premium quality CBD, vitamins, minerals, fats, and natural flavors, these treats are an excellent treatment for stress, anxiety, and body pain. They are wonderful in calming the mind and body even in the most stressful situations. 

The BBQ flavor is the cherry on top as it keeps the pet excited for the meal which saves you from struggling to feed him. 


When in the market for the best CBD pet products, you’ll come across countless products. But, finding the best one isn’t easy. Hope this list will make the decision easier for you. For a little more help, we suggest checking out JustCBD’s pet products range. Its JustPets chicken meatball dog treats are an affordable and convenient way of giving your pet a healthy life ahead. 

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